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Control your entry gate and garage door

Remote control of gates and garage doors

Proxi Gate is a universal Bluetooth radio module designed for the automatic control of gates and garage doors made by different manufacturers.

It can be installed in the gate controller together with other radio modules. This allows the gate to be opened and closed directly from a phone, as well as a traditional remote control.

Proxi Gate in your garage

Proxi Gate enhances your ability to control your existing gates and garage doors. The universal nature of the module means that it will work with a wide range of devices currently on the market. Thanks to Proxi Gate you won’t have to use your traditional remote any more, and you will gain the new functions offered by the Proxi App.


Control with the Proxi App

The Proxi Appl is more than just a remote control in your phone. Apart from allowing you to control many intelligent devices, it also has other functions that ensure your safety and comfort.

Feel the closeness of technology. Play with your devices. Control your environment.

  • Simple configuration and intuitive use
  • Quick reaction of devices
  • Secure connection and an independent, encrypted network
  • No need for a server
  • Public and private modes
  • Allows simultaneous access by many users
  • Update the device software direct from your phone
  • Check the state of your device
  • Control drive and access gates.

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Control your gate from both the application and a traditional remote control.


Proxi Gate modules are used by the leading gate manufacturers in Poland. The product is manufactured by F&F, a company with over 20 years experience in the home automation sector, and is based on the secure Silvair technology.

Non invasiveness

Installation does not require any major works, just the installation of the module inside the electrical housing. No need to worry about the costs and inconvenience of building works!

Technical specification

Operating temperature -30 °C / +55 °C
Protection codeIP65
Power voltageAC/DC 9 V–24 V (any polarity)
Peak power voltage50 V
Peak currenta70 mA
Average power120 mW
Number of outputs2
Output polarityYes
Output galvanic separationYes (each separately)
Max load voltageDC 50 V
Max load currentDC 20 mA
Max output voltage at switching on0,3 V (for a load current of 20 mA)
Surge protectionYes
Output overvoltage protectionYes
Protection against reverse output polarityYes (diode contact with thermal fuse)
Number of inputs2 (inputs with polarity detection)
Output galvanic separationYes
Min. input voltageAC/DC 10 V
Max. input voltageAC/DC 25 V
Surge protectionNie
Input modeMonostable/Bistable (mode and duration are defined by the app)
Radio connectionBluetooth 2,4 GHz
Signal power6 mW
Transmission typeBi–directional


Before starting installation, read the instructions
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